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Poutine 24h - Resto La Banquise

Discover the best poutine in Quebec

The Classic poutine

More than 28 types of poutine to enjoy with microbrewery beers

The best poutine

Montreal, November 15th 2023

La Banquise hands over the reins to the next generation of Poutine Innovators!

Get ready for an exciting new chapter at La Banquise, where the sizzle of fresh ideas meets the classic charm of Montreal's iconic poutine hub.
In an exciting shift, the iconic restaurant La Banquise, a second-generation family-owned establishment located on Rachel Street since 1968, is thrilled to announce a change in ownership, ensuring the legacy of this beloved poutine institution.
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The former proprietors, seeking new horizons, have entrusted the future of La Banquise to a dynamic young couple deeply passionate about the art of poutine. Committed to preserving the unique spirit of La Banquise, they pledge to carry on the culinary creativity and funk that has been at the core of its enduring success.

The new custodians, Émily Adam and Jean-Christophe Lirette, embark on this journey with a wealth of experience and a burst of fresh energy. Co-owners of the family-operated Ti-Oui snack bar in Saint-Raymond, Portneuf, they recently acquired Ashton restaurants, boasting 23 establishments in the Quebec region. They caught the attention of the former owners with their respectful approach to tradition, even though they were approached by prominent players in the restaurant industry.

As Annie Barsalou bids a heartfelt farewell, she envisions a vibrant future as she hands over the reins to the next generation of La Banquise's tastemakers. "We see reflections of our early entrepreneurial spirit in Émily and Jean-Christophe. Their vision reassures us that La Banquise will remain true to itself. We bid farewell with a sense of peace, knowing the longevity and distinctive character of this restaurant we hold dear is secured.”

Émily Adam, the new co-owner, expresses her immense pride: "It's an honor and an immense pride to become the new stewards of La Banquise, the iconic landmark and pioneer of poutine in Montreal. We feel fortunate that Annie Barsalou and Marc Latendresse chose us to carry on the tradition of excellence and creativity established by their family over the last 55 years. We're not just the new owners; we're gardians of La Banquise's rich tradition, legacy and tasteful creativity. We eagerly anticipate working with the existing team to ensure the restaurant continues to live up to its well-deserved reputation.”
La Banquise isn't just a restaurant; it's a dynamic poutine research hub where every dish is a symphony of culinary expression. The restaurant will continue to operate independently under the current management team and will remain a true poutine laboratory, committed to the ongoing development of new and exciting dishes.
Jean-Christophe Lirette, the new co-owner, remarks, "You don't change a winning recipe. Since its inception, La Banquise has stood out with reinvented classics that constantly push the boundaries of culinary creativity. It's this boldness that charmed us from our first visit. We are immensely proud to be part of the next chapter of this adventure.”
At La Banquise, a new chapter unfolds within the embrace of tradition. Join us at the heart of Montreal's poutine legacy, where every bite echoes the richness of our culinary heritage.

Publié le 10/04/12

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Poutine La Banquise
Poutine La Banquise
Poutine La Banquise
Poutine La Banquise
Poutine La Banquise
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Poutine La Banquise
Poutine La Banquise
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Poutine La Banquise
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